This A5 sheet is a simple and easy to read summary of the situation with a sample letter to the Attorney-General.

Media Release: Timor Sea Justice Forum 10 September 2018

Here is an A5 handout with a brief summary of the situation.

Canberra Lawyer faces charges – A4 sheet back and front with brief facts.

Prayer does not change God. Prayer changes us. Here is a prayer card (business card size). You could print a page, cut the 10 cards up, and give them to friends and family.

New Book and Video from Maritime Boundaries Office in Timor -Leste

Timor-Leste’s Maritime Boundary Office has launched New Frontiers: Timor-Leste’s Historic Conciliation on Maritime Boundaries in the Timor Seaa publication that documents the first-ever compulsory conciliation process under the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea.

This publication is the authoritative record of the conciliation process; an 18 month journey of negotiations that led to the Maritime Boundary Treaty being signed by Timor-Leste and Australia at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in March this year. The 100 page publication outlines the history of the maritime dispute between Timor-Leste and Australia, background to the Timor-Leste Government’s decision to initiate compulsory conciliation, the process itself, and the implications of its success.

New Frontiers will be a useful tool for people from around the world who have followed Timor-Leste’s struggle, and will be preserved in history as the official record of the process that bought Timor-Leste’s struggle for permanent maritime boundaries in the Timor Sea to a conclusion.

The book was launched in Dili by the Chief Negotiator Xanana Gusmão on Thursday 30  August – the anniversary of the referendum that delivered Timor-Leste its independence in 1999. New Frontiers is available on the MBO website:

The Maritime Boundary Office has also produced a video about the conciliation process that might be of interest to you. It’s for a Timorese audience, therefore is in Tetum, but has English subtitles.

Here it is: